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Luddy‘s wholesale balance bike is a fun toy for children to learn how to ride a bike and build motor skills. We only utilize premium materials to make our balance bikes lightweight and durable for everyday use. In addition, Luddy can complete balance bike bulk orders with a fast turnover thanks to our fully equipped automated factory that can produce 500,000 ride-on toys each month.

Meet Luddy's Balance Bike Wholesale

Two Wheels Balance Bike

Two Wheels Balance Bike for Toddlers

360° flexible steering handlebars, avoid injuries

Adjustable seat lift meets the needs of all ages

Rest board, put small feet when turning corners

Three Wheels Balance Bike

3 Wheel Balance Bike Trike

135° limit steering wheel, safe against rollover and fall

Blow molding integrated handle, round without sharp edges avoid injuries

Isosceles triangle frame design without fear of rollover risk

Four Wheels Balance Bike

4 Wheel Balance Bike for Kids

Adjustable handle and seat, for different ages babies

Widen the rear wheel, four-wheel stable design for a safer ride

Safety limit steering against sharp turns and rollover

Standard of Balance Bike Wholesale From Luddy Quality and Safety First

Eco-friendly Materials
Quality Materials
Smooth and Safe Design
Safety Wheels Design
Multiple Choice
4+ New Design Per Month

A Healthier Ride: The Non-Toxic Balance Bike Brand Luddy: The First Balance Bike Brand to Utilize Food-Grade Materials

Why Materials Matter for Kids' Balance Bikes?

Toys made of inferior plastics may have small parts that can easily detach or break off, posing a choking hazard for children.
Inferior materials may not be sturdy enough and can break, shatter, or deform quickly, potentially causing accidents or injuries during use.
Inferior plastics in toys often contain excessive amounts of harmful substances like PVC, formaldehyde, benzene, lead, and more. Such substances can damage a child’s skin, respiratory system, and nervous system.
Many inferior plastics contain phthalates, which can disrupt the endocrine system of children, potentially leading to hormonal imbalances and associated health issues.
Toys manufactured from inferior plastic materials are typically non-recyclable and resistant to decomposition. When these toys are discarded or improperly managed, they can lead to irreversible environmental contamination.

Why Choose Luddy Custom Balance Bike Built for Safety and Longevity​

We also utilize high-grade materials and enforce a strict QC policy to give our balance bike a long lifespan.

Export Compliant

The CE, EN71, ASTM, and 3C certifications allow you to export our balance bikes to major markets.

Quality Materials

We source our PP, TPR, EVA, and other materials from reliable suppliers to ensure our bikes are free of bisphenol A and other harmful chemicals.

Low Defect Rate

Meticulous screening of raw materials combined with a strict QC process results in 99.9% of your ordered balance bikes having the expected quality.

2400+ Molds for OEM/ODM Better, Faster Like No One Else

As a top balance bicycle company in China, we take pride in robust research & development and lean manufacturing. Whether you’re looking for in stock balance bikes to enter your market earlier or custom balance bike, we’ve got you covered.

Our Own Molds
Factory Area
Automated Production
Monthly Capacity
Fast Lead Time
Balance Skills
Social Needs
Reaction and Adaptability

Benefits From Our Wholesale Balance Bike Safe and Meaningful Adventures

Beloved By 1000+ Balance Bike Brands Made with Love and Excellence

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The handlebar of our balance bikes is constructed to conform to the average children's grip, which allows the rider to use our bikes comfortably.


How We Build >>

Car Frame


Luddy utilizes high-grade carbon steel or high-density HDPE to make our balance bikes durable and long-lasting.


How We Build >>



Premium cushioning on our seat height makes our balance bikes comfortable for the rider.


How We Build >>

Smooth bearing

Industry-graded bearings are used on our balance bikes that significantly ensure smooth and fast sliding and give them a longer service life.

How We Build >>


The balance bike wheel has a large diameter, a non-slip surface, and high-grade shock absorbers, resulting in a smoother and more fun riding experience.

How We Build >>

Solid painting

Three coating of premium paint is applied to our balance bike, giving them a professional sports look that catches the attention of your target customers.

How We Build >>

Attracted by Design

Ergonomic Handle

The handle is made to conform to the average child's hand shape, making our bikes comfortable for kids.

Comfortable Seat

Each balance bike seat is shaped for equal distribution of body weight that prevents children from falling.

Adjustable Design

Riders can adjust the bike seat and handle to a comfortable level. This feature allows young children to keep riding our balance bike for a long time.

Innovative Design

Thanks to their innovative design, our magnetic levitation balance cars stand out from the crowd.

Touched by Functions

Steering Angle Limiter

Our balance bike has steering angle of 90° and 360° to provide children with tight control and prevent them from falling.

Shock Absorber Wheels

The EVA materials used on the wheels allow them to absorb shock efficiently and have a good grip on the road.

Smooth Bearing

Premium ball-bearing materials are used on our balance bikes. This type of bearing significantly enhances smooth and easy sliding, with fewer kicks.

Large Footboard

The innovative footboard on our balance bike provides children with a strong grip on the surface, preventing them from falling down.

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