In-house Mold Making

Excellence Starts from Quality Molds

Our in-house mold tooling workshop covers an area of 800㎡ with a suite of advanced facilities such as CNC facilities, EDM facilities, liner-cutting facilities, and testing equipment. All plastic parts are manufactured in-house, including car frames, grips, handlebars, and small assembly parts. We carefully develop plastic and metal custom molds to ensure smooth, logical structures, minimizing scrap and production loss.

accurate lean manufacturing process for ride on toys
Plastics Injection Molds
Metal Injection Molds

What Sets us Apart

Self-owned Workshop

Having a self-owned workshop guarantees rapid production as we handle one-stop molding and production processes under our control to save time and costs.

Fast Tool Making

We reduce the time needed to produce the custom molds required for plastic injection and blow molding.

Full Suite of Advanced Facilities

Having a workshop under our ownership guarantees rapid production as we can fully control our one-stop molding and production processes, saving time and lowering costs.

Tooling Costs Annulled after Production

Get a refund of your molding costs after the mass production supported by our efficient mold tooling process has been completed.

Professional Technicians

Our team of technicians oversees the in-house mold-making process, having the expertise to design and assemble the parts of custom molds.

Maximum Cost Control

Through our in-house mold making, we reduce waiting time and ensure quality custom injection molds all while we minimize production costs.

Our Mold Tooling Processes

inspection of manufacturing equipment for ride on toys 02

Mold Design

Our experts apply a detailed DFM and mold flow analysis to prevent the production of waste before production and maximize the usage of materials for plastic molding.

inspection of manufacturing equipment for ride on toys 01

Custom Mold Evaluation

Applying a quadratic element measure and hardness instrument enables our experts to identify the mold’s proper hardness, size, and specs based on your requirements.

machining of ride on toys component 01

CNC Machining

To handle multiple tasks efficiently and punctually, we use the latest imported CNC machines that can cut and shape our molded parts according to specifications.

automated machining of ride on toys parts

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining

We use EDM processing to shape our custom molds to specific shapes and surfaces to ensure sophisticated molds for further plastic molding.

machining of ride on toys component 02


Polishing our custom molds removes any burrs and edges, resulting in a smooth, neat and precise surface and structure for our ride-on toys.

adjusting the production equipment for ride on toys

Custom Mold Assembly

Utilizing abundant mold bases and parts, our seasoned technicians can conduct rapid and professional mold assembly.


Excellent Mold Making in Details

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