OEM/ODM Manufacturing

Deliver, Develop, Design Whatever You Need

Whether it’s manufacturing brand-building ride-on toys or replenishing your inventory, Luddy’s one-stop solution can accomplish any business requirements.

Ready-to-Ship Toys

More than 300 types of ride-on toys are available and can be shipped as soon as possible.


Luddy has several ride-on toys designed by our own technology and knowledge and 1,000 sets of plastic molds, which enables us to fulfill volume orders fast and easy.


Work with experienced and skillful professionals who can efficiently realize your ride-on toys concept through our rich ODM solutions.

How it Works

Expect a hassle-free process when working with Luddy in manufacturing your OEM/ODM ride-on toys or ordering our in-stock models. Accommodating staff will assist you throughout each step of the process by answering questions or inquiries you may have. 

comprehensive inspection of ride on toys


Professional designers and engineers will have a clear line of communication with you as we work on creating and improving your ride-on toy concept. We will also keep in touch with you during the cooperation.

Engineers working on ride on toys design


3D models of your ride-on toy can be rendered as fast as one day. You will also receive 8 – 10 different 3D-rendered models to give you options for your unique balance bike, scooter, ride on car, and other toys.

discussion on ride on toys production metrics


3D-printed samples of ride on toys that don’t have any complex parts can be made as fast as in one day. Luddy also offers fast prototyping of your ride-on toys for hands-on evaluation.

inspection of ride on toys component dimensions

Mass Production

Our automated production lines and state-of-the-art facilities in our certified factories can complete ride-on toy bulk orders efficiently and with a fast lead time.

Mass Production

Automated production lines and state-of-the-art facilities within our certified factories can complete ride-on toy bulk orders with a fast lead time.

Start Your Project with us

Get in touch with us for a free consultation and instant quote on your ride-on toy orders to see how Luddy can make a difference to your company today!

Benefit from Our Contract

Evaluate Your Design
Professional engineers and designers provide an in-depth evaluation of your design, which includes feedback and possible changes based on your target market.
Support Your Business
Luddy offers in-stock goods, marketable and certified ride-on toys that accomplish your business goals and fit your budget, and great OEM and ODM support for mistake-free fulfillment of your orders.
Make Your Design Rapidly
Experienced engineers and designers can provide a 3D model rendering of your ride-on toys concept as fast as one day.
Launch New Products Continually
We have a team of domestic and international designers capable of providing ride-on toys with innovative features that will make your brand stand out in your target market.
Cut Your Cost Low
The careful forecast by our engineers on the specific design's use of materials and construction requirements will help both you and us to avoid any costly mistakes during production.
Make Your Toys Profitable
Children's health and motor skills are at the core of our ride-on toy design, and making sure that the style of our products is attractive to children and marketable is our mission.



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