Wiggle Cars

Lightweight and durable, Luddy’s range of wiggle cars is made using premium materials and showcases our decades-long research and development capabilities. These wiggle cars are great for young children between one to four years old and can be customized to whatever you want

Made with Love and Excellence

side view of pink wiggle cars for kids


The non-slip handlebars we’ve placed on the wiggle cars give the children better control of the vehicle, allowing for optimal maneuverability and hours of driving fun.

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The non-slip pads on the pedals provide a better grip for the children’s feet. They’re sure to stay on track for a better driving experience.



To improve the safety of our wiggle cars, we’ve increased theseat fence height that helps prevent young riders from falling off while having fun.


Smooth Bearing

Our wiggle car offerings also come with smooth bearings made from top-class materials that allow for better steering and movement while driving.



These wiggle cars feature versatile wheels with a 360° turn to prevent falling from the vehicle. They also have a glide glow, making them more enjoyable to ride.

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Attracted by Design

Ergonomic Design

The design of our kid's scooters conforms to the average child's shape and grip form, making the toy comfortable to ride.


Luddy's kid's scooters have a foldable handle rod, allowing end-users to easily store under a furniture or storage cabinet.


Children aged 2 to 8 can enjoy our kid scooter for a long time thanks to the adjustable handling rod catering to ages.


The wheels light up when our kid's scooter is coasting to make the ride-on toy attractive to other children.

Built for Safety and Longevity

As a seasoned manufacturer of high-quality and marketable wiggle cars, we excel in providing young children with a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

Export Compliant

Our wiggle cars comply with international standards, including CE, EN71, ASTM, and 3C.

Quality Materials

Using only bisphenol A-free PP, TPR, EVA, and other chemical-free materials in our wiggle cars makes them safer for children.

Low Defect Rate

With our automated production processes and rigorous testing, our wiggle cars have lower defect rates compared to compared to our competitors' similar products.

Touched by Functions


The rear brake allows riders to slow down or stop by pressing down on it, which makes it safe for end-users.

Anti-skid & Wide Skateboard

A wide diameter and anti-skid surface to reduce the risk of falling. In addition, the scooter can support up to 50kg max load.

Gravity Steering

Riders can easily change directions by slightly shifting their body weight, which reduces the risk of rollovers.


The removable and adjustable rods can turn scooter into a scooter or a tricycle stroller, providing three different functions with one scooter.



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