Kids Tricycles

With an ergonomic saddle, secure handlebars, and adjustable handlebar height, our kid’s tricycles help build most muscle groups and gross motor skills. Understanding the needs of children 2-5 years of age, our team identifies the most appropriate design and efficiently realizes your specifications through our own production facilities.

Made with Love and Excellence

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Made with quality plastic molding, our handlebars come with an ergonomic design for children’s hands to protect children during falls.

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We apply three coats of premium paint that come in solid colors and are thick enough to make the painting of our tricycles tougher.

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Made with solid EVA foam, our wheels do not get flat and are safe for children. Not needing to be inflated with gas and constant maintenance.

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Car Frame

Constructing tricycle frames with carbon steel or high-quality HDPE results in a more stable and firm support that ensures longer playtime and children’s safety.

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Ergonomic and safe to sit on, our kids tricycles are built with seats possessing height adjustment for the convenience of kids of any age.

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Attracted by Design


The handle is convenient for children to grasp and it is non-slip, which makes our scooters safer for children to ride.


The saddles on our tricycles are tightly secured to the tricycle and can fit any child, which makes them effective in preventing falls and ensuring comfort.


To reach out to a wider customer audience, we adjust the sizes and heights of our tricycles and their seats for different age groups.


Thanks to their innovative design, our magnetic levitation kids tricycles stand out from the crowd.

Built for Safety and Longevity

Durable plastic and metal materials processed in our own molding workshops enable our kids tricycles to sustain long-time usage.

Export Compliant

All our kids’ tricycles comply with CE, EN71, ASTM, and 3C certifications for easy entry to your regions.

Quality Materials

Using bisphenol A-free PP, TPR, EVA, and other hazard-free materials increases the safety of our tricycles.

Low Defect Rate

By utilizing automated manufacturing and advanced software, we reduce defect rates and ensure high quality.

Touched by Functions

Limited Steering

Equipped for limited steering, our kids’ tricycles are easy to control so that kids can turn the tricycles from 90° to 360° while having the balance to prevent falls.

Shock Absorber Wheel

Our EVA tires are able to effectively absorb shock and ensure smooth movement. A wider wheel area improves the balance of the tricycle and prevents sliding.

Smooth Bearing

Through our precise manufacturing, we produce metal bearings that provide smooth rolling and enable our tricycles to glide far.


The pedals on our tricycles are not only made to easily propel the tricycle forward but they are also customized to allow the rider with any foot size to rest their feet.



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